Pastoral Care 

Our vision in Willesborough Baptist Church is to see God's love expressed in quality relationships and through pastoral care, restoring individual lives, building healing communities and growing disciples of Jesus.

So who is there to serve?

We seek to serve all those in need, especially our church family.  Our aim is to give spiritual, emotional and practical support wherever possible.  This may be in the form of visits to the sick at home or in hospital or offers of practical help, such as providing transport to a doctor's appointment or cooking a meal for a family experiencing a difficult time or a person home from hospital.  We want to be there to be a friend, to comfort and support where possible. 

Our approach
There are four strands to our approach to pastoral care at WBC.  The strands are not hierarchical or independent - any combination of the strands may be appropriate depending on the circumstances.
Small Groups

pc small groupsOur small groups are well established and while not everyone in the church are a member of these groups we see them as an essential part of the pastoral care strategy in providing encouragement, emotional and spiritual support and, where they can, practical help too.

Further information about our small groups can be found here.
Visiting and Helping
pc visitingWe recognise that not everyone is part of a small group and some small groups may not have the resources needed, so a second strand of support is volunteers who are prepared to undertake visits to those that need it - essentially these are supportive friendships.

In addition, our practical support teams will support those in need by providing lifts to hospital or doctor's appointments, doing odd jobs around the house or garden, cooking meals.  If you'd like to volunteer to provide support in these areas please contact the Pastoral Coordinator.
Specialist Support
pc specialistOur third strand of support are a group of people with either professional or life experiences who may be able to help in areas such as marriage support, depression, violence / abuse, bereavement and spiritual matters.  Nominated people who are qualified to provide a deeper level of support in such areas will have accepted the Association of Christian Counselling Pastoral Care code of conduct and will have attended informational workshops

Do you have these skills in any of these areas? If so, please let the Pastoral Coordinator know by clicking here.
Prayer Team

pc prayerOur Prayer Ministry team can be involved with pastoral care at any stage.  We recognise true healing is the combination of body, mind and spirit and the Holy Spirit can affect any or all of these areas.

Sometimes those in most need find prayer difficult and this is a time when those with a prayer ministry calling can intercede on behalf of the individual (with their consent).
Pastoral Care Coordinator
Lynn Edwards, our church administrator, will act as the Pastoral Care Coordinator, working with the Deacon with pastoral responsibility.  We encourage anyone with a need for support, or small groups who are supporting someone, to contact the coordinator so that the pastoral care team and leadership (where appropriate) can be kept informed and can ensure suitable and adequate care is provided.  Where consent is given, further support can be provided through sharing with the prayer team.

We recognise that it may not always be possible to provide the professional support a person may need through our church members / congregation.  In such cases, the coordinator will help identify potential services to which the person can be referred.
Get in touch

Email the Pastoral Care Coordinator by clicking here

Alternatively you can contact the Coordinator via the church office on 01233 632739 during office hours (9:30am - 12:30pm Monday to Friday)

You can also contact the Pastoral Care Coordinator in urgent cases at any time (24/7) on 07480 571946
Offers of Help

We need your help to deliver this loving care, if you can help in any way  please email the coordinator with any skills / services you can offer (e.g. DIY, gardening, ironing, shopping, housework, babysitting, school runs, dog walking, cooking, form filling, prayer support, visiting, transport provision, or anything else you feel may help others).  Please provide your name and contact number when emailing the coordinator so we can put your name on the list of helpers and make contact with you and discuss availability.