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Ashford Intercessors’ Ministry 

Ashford 1We are passionate about our local community and so created an independent group called Ashford Intercessors’ Ministry (AIM) which is open to any Christian.

We originally created the group in order to join forces with other praying people in Ashford, to pray for Ashford, and to encourage and support each other in our respective prayer initiatives.

We now have an active network of prayer warriors who have each agreed to pray for Ashford one day a month. In doing so we have managed to create a "Ring of Fire" around our town. (See AIM Ring of Fire for more detail). Ashford 2

We keep in touch with each other via WhatsApp, often sharing what we feel the Lord is saying to us in our prayer time about Ashford and the surrounding area. We also send the occasional email publicising a prayer initiative etc. and are therefore able to share and support each others prayer initiatives resulting in an Ashford wide prayer focus linking us together as One Church praying for the same things at the same time.

We have also held prayer meetings, organised prayer walks and hosted days of prayer.

Participating churches

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