Holy Week Readings

BA6ABAD3-0B88-4ACE-B22E-D3A89BFor 2021 Holy Week we are doing a series of multi-voice readings from lots of different members of our church family! Each reading contains an Old Testament prophecy, and the scriptures which show that Jesus fulfilled these 

Morning Motivational’s

85634154-E0AB-469B-9CA1-3B7AF2   An all-age thought for every week day along a theme. 


Light Thoughts

94610AB1-501F-4724-9BDE-BBC570   Welcome to Light Thoughts!
    Our short, snappy, daily devotions throughout Advent. A different theme             
     every 5 days.  “Hope”, “Love”, “Joy”, “Peace”,  “Emmanuel”.j

God Thoughts

6D599852-C9BF-4B8A-AE33-90F862   Daily devotionals for October 2020.