Kids & Youth

Kids & Youth

On Sundays, our children begin as Sparks (0-3), grow up through Firestarters (4-10), learning how to share the gospel wherever they are, then set on fire in Blaze (10-13) with a deepening knowledge of God

During the week, our Youth can go even deeper with Jesus in Furnace through Bible study and fellowship (14-18) on a Monday night. There is also a space for the young people to have fun together called Ignite which is on a Friday night for those in years 7-13. Read more about weekly Youth events here


Age 0-3
Sparks is our children's ministry for under 4's! We want our children to feel safe and loved very quickly. Each Sparks session involves a snack, drink, time to play with lots of different toys and then a bible story and singing too. Sparks meet in The Well.


Age 4-10
Firestarters is our children's ministry for 4-10 year olds. We are passionate as a team about children knowing Jesus as their friend from a young age and seeing them grow and flourish into amazing young men and women of God who are able to have a deep, personal relationship with him through prayer and understanding of their identity in Christ. We have lots of fun together through games, crafts, bible stories, worship and interactive memory verses! Firestarters meet in the side hall.


Age 10-13 (School Years 6-8)
Blaze is where those in years 6-8 start exploring the Bible together, going deeper in their relationship with Jesus. Blaze meet upstairs in The Well.


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