Do you know Jesus?

Life in all it's fulness

Jesus is the reason we are here and we want to introduce as many people as we can to Him. Many people have some kind of belief in God - or are open to the possibility - which raises the key question, what is God like? There are many views of God, some of them quite disturbing. But the good news is God is like Jesus - Jesus is God! Jesus was there before the world began and was intimately involved in it's creation, including each one of us.
The world was created by God with meaning and purpose and beauty but as a result of human sin became broken. Jesus came into a world that was broken and divided in order to bring peace, healing and reconciliation with God. He came to bring life in all it's fulness - to bring us back into a relationship with the God who loves us.

Jesus came to set us free

How did He do this?

Sin and death are powerful enemies which hold all people captive but Jesus came to set us free and break their power, offering us eternal life with God that can never be taken away. How did He do this? Through His death on the cross where He took upon Himself all the sin of the world, including yours and mine; where He suffered and died in our place and showed us the full extent of God's love; where He defeated the powers of sin and death.
How do we know for sure?
Because Jesus rose from the dead. The resurrection changes everything! Jesus is alive today and He has sent His Holy Spirit, the same power that rose Him from the dead, to live in His followers. We see this power at work through changed lives, healings, answered prayer, faith and so much more. And we anticipate the time when He will return and make everything new.

He will not turn away anyone

Accept His invitation

Right now we can experience His presence, peace and power by accepting His invitation to relationship. He will not turn away anyone who turns to him. All we need to do is turn away from sin and ask Jesus to come into our lives and make us new.
If you want to embark on a journey of knowing and following Jesus, please get in touch with us using this email address or come and join us on a Sunday, we'd love to journey with you.  

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