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As a church we are committed to growing as disciples of Jesus and making disciples of Jesus together. 

One of the most important ways we connect with each other is through our Discipleship Groups and we want as many people as possible in our church family to be able to connect with one.

These are groups where we grow in fellowship, go deep in scripture, devote ourselves to prayer, spur one another on in our personal growth in Jesus and encourage each other in mission.
There are many groups at different times to suit different people. Most are fortnightly but some have different patterns to suit shift-workers. Youth groups run weekly during term time.

These groups often use messaging platforms to stay connected, encourage and pray for one another between meetings.

Use the 'Group Finder' below and search for the group you are looking for. Request to join for updates, meeting times, conversation and much more.

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Helpful tip: Use search terms such as these:
'mens', 'womens', 'youth', 'mixed', 'tuesdays', 'town centre' etc to find the group that may suit you best